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Need help with Medusa.js or eCommerce development? We've got you covered.

From creating custom features to whole eCommerce project development, our team is ready to help you.


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Rigby's creation of a complex roller shutter configurator for was impressive, combining speed, aesthetics, and efficient collaboration. The process was smooth, with prompt responses and quick implementation of changes. I highly recommend Rigby for their expertise and efficiency.

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Filip Tokarski

Do you focus on communication and flexibility?
This is how we work.

We value clear rules and adaptability.

Always in Touch

Always in Touch

We prioritize clear, continuous communication, ensuring all stakeholders are aligned and informed at every step.

Flexible Team Building

Flexible Team Building

Adapt your team size on demand with our flexible staffing solutions, ensuring you have the right talent for every project phase.

Pay as You Go

Pay as You Go

Embrace financial flexibility with our 'pay for what you use' model, allowing for efficient budget management with no long-term commitments.

We can build anything for you in Medusa

Medusa's architecture, created with customization in mind, allows you to build any complex logic in it.

B2C eCommerce
B2B eCommerce
Multi-Vendor Marketplace
Subscription Business
Order Management System
Point of Sale

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30K+ products & 2K+ Multi-Vendor Marketplace migration from WooCommerce to Medusa.js

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At Rigby, our philosophy is simple.

How we want to collaborate at Rigby.

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  • We Work Globally. We deliver our services worldwide, ensuring location is never a barrier to cooperation.
  • Your Vision, Your Software. Rights & full ownership of the code are yours since day one.
  • Long-Term Partnerships. We cultivate lasting cooperation without long-term commitment.

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