Mercur - Open Source MultiVendor Marketplace Accelerator

By Grzegorz Tomaka

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What is Mercur?

Mercur is the first JavaScript open-source platform for building multi-vendor marketplaces. Built on top of Medusa.js (, it simplifies the development of customized marketplaces.

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Why Mercur?

After seeing the rising trend in multi-vendor business models and setting up several marketplaces from scratch at Rigby, we wanted to eliminate the repetitive setup of marketplaces.

The aim is to enable users to start a new marketplace in about five minutes, providing a strong starting point for anyone looking to build their own multi-vendor platform.

Medusa is amazing and strong foundation for building marketplaces but requires few modifications to adjust to this business model. We wanted a faster way to get these platforms up and running—Mercur is that accelerator for building multi-vendor marketplace based on Medusa.js.

Our Goals

We aim to make Mercur adaptable for various marketplace types, such as rental or service marketplaces.

We also want to build an ecosystem of plugins tailored to multi-vendor setups, including solutions for payment distributions like Stripe. We want to publish all plugins adapted to the multi-vendor market under the name medusa-mercur-... e.g. medusa-mercur-stripe. With this annotation, developers will always know that this is a plugin for the MVM.

Feel free to share your ideas on Medusa Discord, how you imagine the development of this project.


Project Components:

  • Core: The backbone of Mercur - Medusa.js, handling the primary operations and data flow essential for marketplace functionality.
  • Admin: Provides a control panel for marketplace administrators to manage vendors, orders, settings, and more.
  • Vendor: A dedicated interface for vendors to manage their products, orders, and profile details.
  • Storefront: The frontend is where customers browse products, place orders, and interact with the marketplace. It is a customized version of Medusa.js Next.js Starter

Project Features:

Log in & Register as Vendor: Vendors can easily register to join the platform and access their dedicated vendor panel by logging in, streamlining the onboarding process.


Vendor Management: Platform administrators can manage vendor profiles, ensuring that each vendor is authorized before granting access, enhancing security and control.


Shipping Options Management: Vendors have the flexibility to create and manage their own shipping methods, tailoring delivery options to suit their products.


One Order, Many Vendors: Customers can conveniently purchase products from multiple vendors in a single order, with the ability to choose different shipping options for items from the same vendor.


Order Splitting: Each vendor views and processes only their part of an order, ensuring focused and efficient order handling.


Order Management: Administrators have a comprehensive view and control over entire orders, enabling effective overall management of marketplace transactions.


Getting started 🚀

Create a new Mercur project with just one command.

npx @mercur generate marketplace

You will be asked to enter the project's name and select the project’s modules (admin / vendor / storefront) platform you wish to use. Once selected, the CLI will create project files in the directory.

Read more in npm package description: Mercur

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