How we work - Agile + Time&Material Approach

Be a part of the project, manage tasks sprint by sprint, and pay only for the work done.


Settle communication method - Slack

We value clear communication throughout the project, and we know emails can be a pain. That is why we create a dedicated Slack channel.


Sprint 0 & Project Configuration

This step involves granting access, setting up environments, and establishing all elements needed to ensure a smooth project kickoff.


Sprint Demo & Planning

During this meeting, we show what we have done and plan with you what should be tackled next.

Project planning

Keep sprinting

Your project is in the loop. Realization of your project consists of completing all tasks within the sprint, showing you the results during the demo, and choosing the following tasks during the planning.


Monthly payment

At the end of each full month, we prepare a report that includes information on what the team worked on and how much time they spent. The report also displays the amount to be paid for that month.


MVP Ready, Set, Go!

We finish the Minimum-Viable Product and launch it, allowing your new store attract clients and start earning.



We train your team on the new eCommerce platform and offer 10 days of support to ensure flawless operation.


Maintenance & Growth

We set a monthly package of development hours for maintenance and new functionalities.

Team talking about project

Long-term partnership (or not)

We will continue working on your project with an aligned team. However, if you decide to take over the project in-house, that is fine too.

If the process suits your needs

Let’s discuss your project

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We work globally


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