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Our team consistently receives high ratings and positive feedback for our Medusa development services. With a track record of successful implementations across various industries, we bring unparalleled expertise to your project. We provide support and guidance throughout the development process, ensuring that your project benefits from our comprehensive knowledge and experience.

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Discover how Rigby has transformed businesses with our Medusa development expertise. Explore our Medusa Case Studies to see how we can elevate your ecommerce presence and drive tangible results.

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30K+ products & 2K+ Multi-Vendor Marketplace migration from WooCommerce to Medusa.js

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We are top-rated Medusa commerce experts

Our development process follows Medusa.js best practices, ensuring clean, maintainable code and optimal performance. We prioritize security, scalability, and efficiency in every implementation. With extensive experience in e-commerce development, our team of developers is committed to building long-term partnerships with our clients.

Medusa Experts

Medusa Experts

We are officially listed as Medusa Experts, showcasing our specialized skills in developing Medusa eCommerce solutions.

Top Medusa Developers

Top Medusa Developers

Clutch recognized us among the Top Medusa Developers for our expert eCommerce solutions.

Medusa Clutch Award

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A Full Team to Build Your Medusa-based project

Our team of skilled developers is ready to tackle your Medusa.js project from start to finish. With expertise in all aspects of Medusa development, we ensure a seamless and efficient build process tailored to your specific needs.


Our Medusa Expert To Join Your Team

Need to augment your existing team? Our Medusa specialists can integrate seamlessly with your in-house developers, providing expert guidance and hands-on support to elevate your project.

Benefits of Medusa

Unlocking the Power of Commerce Modules

Medusa.js offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability for modern ecommerce solutions. Our experts harness these capabilities to create robust, future-proof digital commerce applications that grow with your business.

Medusa: Perfect for Marketplace Ecommerce development

With its modular architecture, Medusa excels in creating complex marketplace ecosystems. We leverage this strength to build multi-vendor platforms that stand out in the competitive ecommerce landscape.

Modular Commerce: Use Medusa Components Independently

Need specific ecommerce functionality? We can implement Medusa's individual commerce modules to enhance your existing systems without a full platform overhaul.

Seamless Integration with Medusa's REST APIs

Our team expertly utilizes Medusa's comprehensive REST APIs to ensure smooth integration with your existing tech stack, from CRM systems to inventory management tools.

Customizable Architecture for Unique Solutions

Medusa's flexible framework allows us to create unique customer experiences tailored to your brand. As your trusted agency, we leverage Medusa's building blocks to develop custom solutions that set your e-commerce site apart from the competition.

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Medusa commerce services available for your project

Medusa's architecture, created with customization in mind, allows you to build any complex logic in it. Our core services include:

B2C E-commerce modules

Rigby expertly leverages Medusa's headless architecture to build cutting-edge B2C e-commerce solutions. We create responsive, high-performance online stores that offer seamless customer experiences and drive conversions.

B2B E-commerce modules

Our team utilizes Medusa's flexible framework to develop robust B2B e-commerce platforms. We implement complex pricing structures, bulk ordering systems, and account management features tailored to your business clients' needs.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Rigby harnesses Medusa's modular design to create scalable multi-vendor marketplaces. Our solutions efficiently manage multiple sellers, products, and transactions, opening new revenue streams for your business.

Subscription Business

We exploit Medusa's extensibility to build sophisticated subscription-based e-commerce systems. Our implementations include flexible subscription models, automated billing, and seamless customer management for recurring revenue generation.

Order Management System

Rigby develops comprehensive Order Management Systems using Medusa's powerful backend. We deliver real-time inventory tracking, efficient order processing, and seamless fulfillment management across all your sales channels.

Point of Sale

Our team integrates Medusa-based online stores with custom Point of Sale systems. We ensure consistent inventory and customer data synchronization between your e-commerce platform and physical sales points.

Commerce Automation

Leveraging Medusa's robust APIs, Rigby creates tailored commerce automation solutions. We streamline your operations with custom workflows for order processing, inventory updates, and customer communications.

Multi-Region Store

Rigby implements Medusa's internationalization features to build global-ready stores. Our solutions support multiple languages, currencies, and region-specific pricing, all managed from a single, efficient Medusa backend.

Omnichannel Store

We utilize Medusa's flexibility to deliver unified shopping experiences across all channels. Our omnichannel implementations ensure consistent brand presentation and data synchronization from social media to physical stores.

We can build anything for you in Medusa

Why partner with Rigby? We are your go-to partner for all Medusa development needs. Our team of Medusa experts is ready to help you build, integrate, and optimize your e-commerce solutions, ensuring they meet your specific business requirements. With our expertise in maintaining and supporting Medusa-based projects, we assist clients in achieving their digital commerce goals. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your Medusa-based project and take your e-commerce presence to the next level.

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