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Elevate your startup's eCommerce journey with Medusa.js, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty through efficient subscription-based models.

Subscription eCommerce Mastery: Fueling Startup Growth with Medusa.js

At Rigby, we craft responsive and secure subscription-based web applications for startups, focusing on intuitive interfaces and robust solutions that cater to your unique business needs. Developing these applications involves navigating specific challenges, such as:

Customization Flexibility

Integrate your eCommerce software with existing systems easily and quickly by utilizing APIs.

Regulatory Compliance

Scale your eCommerce platform with business growth and handle increasing amounts of data, transactions, and customers.

Integration Complexity

Create a unique and personalized way of shopping that will attract potential customers.

Technical Reliability

Provide robust security measures to protect customers' personal data.

User Engagement and Retention

Ensure intuitive and enjoyable user experiences that will translate into high conversion rates.

What challenges are you facing in your project?

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01. Pre-implementation analysis

02. UX/UI design

03. Online store creation and implementation

04. Maintenance and support

05. Integrations with external platforms

Get to know us

How Do We Approach Collaboration?

We set a common goal

We align our goals with yours to understand your needs, ensuring every step meets our shared vision.

We adopt a long-term perspective

At Rigby, we take a long-term view, creating solutions that meet your current needs and foster future growth.

We practice a modern headless approach

Our headless architecture approach creates scalable, eCommerce stores, ready for growth.

We rapidly develop MVPs

We ensure fast market entry with Agile methods, breaking projects into manageable tasks.

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Our service is for you if...

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  • You have a long-term vision for eCommerce growth.
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  • You want to deliver unique user experiences.
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  • You need a platform that will grow with your business.
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  • Your business requires dedicated functionalities.
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  • You need a technology partner who will advise you at every stage of your online store development.
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  • You need a partner who will design a technological solution tailored to your business.

Project is a process

See how we work at Rigby

Getting to know each other
Defining the project goal
Proposing a solution
Preparation of estimate and plan
Team assignment
Starting work on the project
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Revolutionizing Patyna: from WooCommerce to Headless eCommerce in Medusa.js

Patyna, the biggest polish vintage marketplace, transitioned from a limiting WooCommerce platform to a dynamic headless eCommerce solution, enhancing scalability, performance, and user experience.

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