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By Grzegorz Tomaka

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Piotr and Tomasz Karwatka have joined Rigby.

We are thrilled to announce that the esteemed investors Piotr and Tomasz Karwatka, Medusa investors and co-founders of renowned companies like Divante, Callstack, and VueStorefront, have joined our ranks.


Their extensive experience and visionary approach to eCommerce will greatly enhance our capabilities, especially in delivering high-caliber projects to enterprise-level clients.

With their pioneering efforts in promoting composable commerce architectures, Piotr and Tomasz have significantly contributed to technological advancements and are among the early investors in Medusa.js technology—our specialty. This aligns perfectly with Rigby’s growth strategy, enriching our portfolio and strengthening our market position.

"We are confident that with the combined dedication and expertise of Piotr and Tomasz, Rigby will achieve remarkable success in executing major eCommerce projects for top global companies," says Grzegorz Tomaka, co-founder of Rigby.

Piotr Karwatka says - “Medusa is rapidly becoming a leader in eCommerce technology, as evidenced by successful deployments for prestigious companies such as Heineken, Unitra, Mitsubishi, Viessmann, and Makro. In search of a team that could not only harness the potential of this technology for enterprise projects but also contribute to its evolution, choosing Rigby was an obvious decision for us. This team deeply understands the contemporary challenges of eCommerce and is committed to undertaking ambitious projects.”

Jakub Zbąski, another co-founder of Rigby, emphasizes the goals we aim to achieve through this collaboration: "Our primary objective is to create an exceptional environment for developers to innovate and collaborate on open-source projects and Medusa.js technology. We strive to deliver solutions that utilize Medusa's modular and open architecture to help large companies tailor eCommerce to fit their business processes."

This investment marks a strategic step for both parties, aiming for further company growth, global expansion, and the development of open-source products.

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