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Unlock the power of scalability and flexibility in your online store by migrating from outdated solutions to a modern approach that separates the visual layer from the business logic.

Conduct a stress-free migration from an old platform

Migrating an old eCommerce platform to a headless architecture can be a complex and demanding process. It requires a thorough pre-implementation analysis and migration strategy preparation. To do this, we must understand the challenges associated with migration and be aware of several potential obstacles to consider:

Data Migration

Balancing fair revenue sharing with marketplace profitability efficiently.

Integrations and custom functionalities

Managing the quality and consistency of products and services from multiple suppliers.


Streamlining supplier relations and compliance with platform guidelines.


Facilitating smooth transactions with integrated payment and transportation services.

User experience

Overseeing supplier performance for timely, quality customer deliveries.

Team training

Streamlining user navigation with advanced search and filters for quick, precise product discovery.

Are you wondering what challenges migrating your store to a headless architecture solution may bring?

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01. Pre-implementation analysis

02. UX/UI design

03. Online store creation and implementation

04. Maintenance and support

05. Integrations with external platforms

Start With Why

Why Consider Migrating from Your Old Platform?

Overwhelming Tech Debt

The technological debt of your current platform is too large to justify further development.

Technology Limitations

Your business has grown and the current technology is no longer sufficient.

Flexibility Constraints

The current solution is not flexible enough to accommodate new business requirements.

Errors and Slowness

Your store has a lot of errors and runs slowly.

Complicated Purchasing

The current solution offers a complicated purchasing process and provides unsatisfactory user experiences.

Goals and Features Mismatch

Your store is not aligned with your business goals and lacks key functionalities that are important to you.

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Our service is for you if...

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  • You have a long-term vision for eCommerce growth.
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  • You want to deliver unique user experiences.
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  • You need a platform that will grow with your business.
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  • Your business requires dedicated functionalities.
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  • You need a technology partner who will advise you at every stage of your online store development.
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  • You need a partner who will design a technological solution tailored to your business.

Project is a process

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Defining the project goal
Proposing a solution
Preparation of estimate and plan
Team assignment
Starting work on the project
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Revolutionizing Patyna: from WooCommerce to Headless eCommerce in Medusa.js

Patyna, the biggest polish vintage marketplace, transitioned from a limiting WooCommerce platform to a dynamic headless eCommerce solution, enhancing scalability, performance, and user experience.

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