Medusa.js Showcase: 5 Marketplaces and Stores for Inspiration

By Viktor Holik

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Medusa is an open-source, high-performance headless eCommerce platform built with Node.js. It provides you with the core store logic that you can easily extend to fit your needs.

This flexibility is why numerous companies worldwide rely on Medusa. Thanks to its plugins, you can integrate a variety of services (like shipping options, payments, and analytics).

Moreover, Medusa’s extensibility allows you to go beyond creating B2C stores, enabling the development of marketplaces, B2B platforms, and omnichannel stores, among others.

This article will introduce you to outstanding examples of e-commerce stores built with Medusa.



Did you know? The original iterations of Medusa were developed mainly for Tekla before Medusa was released as open-source platform.

Established in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2017, Tekla is a textile brand. For their first store, they initially chose WooCommerce but quickly encountered its limitations. The platform’s monolithic architecture made it challenging to manage multiple regions and currencies, automate customer service tasks like returns and exchanges, incorporate new features or customizations such as content management systems and payment options, and improve the slow storefront that was making the shopping experience worse.

The switch to Medusa was a game-changer for Tekla, leading to a remarkable 70% increase in conversion rates. Now, they boast a fully automated Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) process, serve over 50 countries, deal in 6 different currencies, and have integrated with Contentful CMS, among other enhancements.

Matt Sleeps


In 2016, Matt Sleeps started with a big goal: to change how we buy mattresses online, making it a great experience. They kicked things off with their own website built on Laravel, which helped them quickly grab the attention of shoppers looking for top-notch, adjustable mattresses. This early success helped the brand grow fast.

But as they added more and more products, their website began to slow down. They tried to fix it with temporary solutions, but these were just not good enough for the kind of shopping experience they wanted to offer. So, they joined forces with Webbers agency and decided to switch to Medusa because it’s flexible and lets them add new, complex features easily.

With Medusa plugins, Matt Sleeps using tools like for easy payments, for managing their website content, Mailgun and Klaviyo for sending out emails, and Next.js for making their website look great and work smoothly. This new setup lets their team quickly add new stuff to the website and create special shopping experiences for their customers, keeping Matt Sleeps ahead in the online mattress game.



Originally, Patyna was developed in 2013 using WooCommerce. However, they encountered challenges associated with WooCommerce, including slow development and release of new features, as well as site performance issues. Rigby, a Medusa.js Expert partner, assisted Patyna, the largest vintage marketplace in Poland, to migrate from WooCommerce to Medusa.

As a result, they reduced the buying process time by 30%, increased their website traffic by 34%, and cut maintenance and debugging time in half. Additionally, the Rigby team contributed to the open-source community by releasing a plugin that was utilized by Patyna to filter products, named medusa-custom-attributes.



Foraged is a marketplace for fresh wild and specialty foods like berries, mushrooms, truffles, and more. The marketplace offers local small businesses the opportunity to find customers and enables chefs to access wild foods.

Initially, Foraged used WooCommerce but soon found the platform became overloaded with too many integrations, making it a cumbersome solution for a rapidly scaling company aiming for several releases weekly. Their second attempt involved creating a custom solution, but the team quickly faced bugs and instabilities in their platform with every release.

The team was in search of a solution that could support multiple vendors, offer extendable admin functionality, and integrate with third-party services.

Visionary Technologies


Visionary Technologies, a leading B2B store in New Zealand, specializes in LED lighting technology.

Recognizing the need for an advanced solution beyond traditional offerings, such as unlimited product variants, ERP synchronization, support for multiple employees per customer account, custom authentication, and exclusive pricing and offers for loyal customers, they sought the expertise of Typed Development.

Upon research, they realized that existing solutions lacked the necessary flexibility. As a result, they adopted Medusa to fulfill the specific requirements of Visionary Technologies. This strategic move enabled the automation of the order process, the creation of a custom loyalty engine, and the seamless integration of customer and company profiles, enhancing the overall service delivery and customer satisfaction.

To Sum Up

Whether you're planning to launch your own online store, or you're looking to enhance an existing eCommerce setup, Medusa.js provides the tools and features necessary to create a seamless, user-friendly shopping experience.

Remember, the key to a successful online marketplace or store lies not just in the technology you use, but in how you apply it to meet the needs of your target audience. I hope you find these examples useful. Thanks for reading.

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